Monday, August 14, 2017

To Modi ji with love

Dear Narendra Modi (PM) ji,
Hope you are good! I have stopped writing about anything that happens in our country because everything is justified nowadays. But reading the news of Gorakhpur and listening to the parents, brings mix emotions in me, from pain to sadness to anger. We need to set right priorities as a country, as a government and stop this propaganda based development. Focus on health and education, if you wish to improve lives of people, the return might not be immediate and it might happen that next government sees the benefit but we don't have a choice, someone needs to be honest. 
Health and education can't be improved like a crash course, to build the right foundation and strengthen the entire system, our government needs to let go of instant gratification and multiplying votes. Do that by talking about cows and army, Indians will vote you back in power but also focus on fundamental things. Your only contribution in education seems like in changing history syllabus, just to remind you that education has other subjects as well. I am yet to hear you talk about education as vociferously as you talk about "other" issues close to your heart. When I say "YOU/YOUR", I mean you and your party. 
Also, lets stop blaming the past governments, they were not good and thats why country chose you and now that you are here for 7 more years, set your agenda right. People will remember and vote you back in 2024 as well but do something. Stop the untouchability that you have created among political parties, see the model of health reform of Delhi Government. Arvind Kejriwal isn't that bad, he like you(loud), seems like a well intentioned man just that he has a minuscule online army compared to yours and he has been stupid to not have best friends like Adani and Ambani. Delhi is small in comparison to states like UP but I am sure there are ways to learn and implement good practices. All good practices doesn't necessarily need to come from Gujrat. Amit Shah ji is enough for the country to be replicated across the states. 
I was never in favour of hate-monger MYogiAdityanath as CM but I like your honesty and unlike other politicians you are clear that yes this is my agenda and I will stand by it. I got to know your favourite colour, which is fair, you have all the right to choose your colour. That day gave me clarity and I stopped giving any benefit of doubt that I might have given otherwise and thus stopped writing.
I have never been your big fan just like Atal ji (for those who have forgotten him, he was first BJP Prime Minister of India) wasn't but now that you are here, I respect you for the constitutional post that you hold which was once held by Nehru and Atal. I agree to disagree with you on certain things and that's the beauty of India that we have these rights still intact, but I have hoped (still hope) that you are someone who will make system work more efficiently atleast for common Indians. I keep reading, you work so hard, don't sleep much, it will be great if tomorrow from Red Fort, you share a little about what exactly are you working on, sort of a daily and weekly plan. I will be glad to know and I am sure million others would like to know, it will help us understand the priorities better. You should share that with us, as you are our Pradhan Sevak!

Sleep well tonight, tomorrow you will be live in front of camera, look good.

- Hopeful,
Prakhar Bhartiya
(an ordinary citizen in 2017!)

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