Sunday, September 13, 2009

Letters to My friend 1

Dear friends,
How are you. I m fine here and hope the same for u. I just wanted to share a few things with you which I have have learnt in my last few days with Teach For India.
The days here were really hectic during training we have to work for 15- 16 hrs. a day and then I have to come back to Ghaziabad to give my exam for my final semester( I have cleared my exams with 72%). So, it was really hectic but yes thats life, its not only me.
I met here with many personalities of diverse field, they were a great source for inspiration for all of us there.I would talk about Fellows first, we are 87 in no. but they are all uncountable in thoughts, each of them has something special to share. Apart from them we were introduced to leaders from different fields like Education, Corporate, NGO, Bollywood etc. They all came had sumthing good to give us.
To start with I would like to share a few thoughts with all of you, Aditya Natraj of Ghandhi Fellowship, he selects 12- 20 fellows each year from best college of our country mainly IIT and IIM and they are given proper training who further give training to Principals of Primary School. The fellows here have to live in villages and during the last month of their fellowship they have to live without mobile phones, laptop or any electronic gadget and live life like the other people in that village and I think it would be challenging and life changing experience.
One of them gave the idea of being a lightening conductor in other word take the sorrow of other and convert it into pleasure and return them, its very rare but we can try to do it.He told us to have a positive ego and just be strong enough to change the life of as many people as you can around you.Mostly all had the same thing in different word but the stories they shared had a great impact and I would share those with all of you because you all have great potential and you have the calibre to change tihs world. I am in a net cafe and have bad speed at keys so will continue next time.....

Sry frinds I would continue my series of letter with you but just now its time to go.


Prakhar Mishra
Class Teacher Grade 3 (Superstars)
82G, Sant Gadge Maharaj School,