Monday, September 11, 2017

Prime Minister please unfollow trolls, it gives a wrong message!

Respected Prime Minister Mr. Modi,

Indians have loved you beyond measure and gave you an overwhelming mandate in 2014 election and I believe that you might be our PM in 2019 as well. People of India, youth of India looks upto you as a role model and icon.

You are one of the few politician who is tech savvy and connects with people so well. I want to bring to your notice that 33.9 million (3.39 Crore) people follow you on just one social media site i.e. Twitter and around 44 Million (4.3 Crore) are your fan on Facebook and that makes you one of the most followed politician in India. 

I recently noticed that you follow a mere 1779 people on twitter and out of the selected few there are few who are a disgrace to society and more than that to your name. They abuse people, disrespect women, give threats of rape and murder. I know they are people with bad childhood, parenting and don't know what they are doing. But Mr. Prime Minister they are putting your name in bad light because I believe you will never endorse such behaviour.

Therefore I request you to please unfollow such trolls from your twitter account. In the article here, there is a list of few handles who have brought disgrace to your name. 

List of abusers followed by you:

I request you to unfollow such people and show the youth of nation that you are against such people and will never endorse such comments. I have deep faith in the mandate of people and you as well, please lead by example and do what a revered leader like you should do.

- Regards,
Prakhar Bhartiya
(Citizen of India)

Friday, September 8, 2017

Narendra Modi is just a symptom

It is not a reflection of Narendra Modi who is endorsing such language in a subtle way, the issue is much deeper. NaMo is just a symptom and it is going to last, if not him then someone else.

The primary reason is the callous and selfish society that we are as a nation. National Interest comes last on our list of priorities, we have ignored the issues plaguing around us for far too long and it has created a vacuum of leadership in our country.

During Independence movement we had exceptional leaders who took the plunge to selflessly build the nation, they gave a promising direction to the country. Nation building became the task of few post then and eventually people with deep selfish interest rose to fill the vacuum.

Now what we see is a result of two generations of ignorance, it will continue unless a critical mass of people don't come forward to build the nation and make it their top priority. It is like in every other space the quality of product is mediocre in our country unless someone brings the exceptional product and we know there are few exceptional products.

We like it or not NaMo and such tribe are going to stay unless a generation takes it as a role to shift this. He is what we deserve and he is the best we deserve at this point of time. I am hopeful to witness the signs of shift in my lifetime.

PS. Its a difficult choice to rise and do something that doesn't have immediate result. There will 'n' reasons why you cant make this choice but there is only one reason to do and that's going to be YOUR personal calling. So, these choices are not for all to make, not everyone is cut out to be exceptional but we all have the sanity to recognise, look for and support such individuals.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Problem is much deeper

It was a political surrender by government. - High Court
It's rare that the court directly blames the sitting government for inciting violence. We as citizens need to understand the choices that we have made and the beauty of democracy is that we can correct our choices within a time frame. Our government hasn't been able to handle masses reaction in the best possible ways. They have failed from JNU to Kashmir to Jat agitation to now Ram Rahim. 
Their choice of action has differed from case to case basis, in some cases entire state machinery was used to crush the dissent. Labels of nationalist and anti-nationalist were pasted on every tongue that moved. We all know the brutality to propaganda that was done to create an atmosphere of support terming both JNU and Kashmir agitation as anti-national.
Story from past
Years back there was a PM named as Atal ji, who asked the CM of a state to resign and take responsibility of mass carnage that happened but alas the parent organization did not allow it to happen because the vote bank would be hampered. Years later that man became Hindu Hridaya Samrat and eventually Prime Minister of one of the greatest gullible democracy on earth.
The problem often in these cases is not whether NM will go out and slaughter people. The challenge is that when they supported such things in past, they created supporters of similar thought process. Now, even if you have tried to undo your image and become holier than thou, you have made an individual choice. People like you because of what they saw in you and became your supporter. Now you have transformed your imagine without publicly accepting that, "I believed in killing people, now I have changed, atleast on the face of it."
The acceptance of crime done irrespective of the fact that it's consciously or unconsciously done becomes the first step to truly change yourself. And in this case that's completely missing. Now, your supporters will do what they revered in you and you will never be able to stop them, unless you accept your sins, go through the punishment and truly cleanse yourself and make a new base. There are examples in history where in people have accepted their faults and went on to become great leaders.
These things were meant to happen in a political system of our country where politician do anything to make sure they win. NM is just an example of one type of politics. Congress will remain a dysfunctional party until they accept they are family run party, then give that up, get new leadership and find new direction. Mostly all parties have a core DNA and they follow it, if they really want to change them, they need to accept their flaws, face the consequence and start fresh.
India is what it deserves and India will be what its people deserve!

Monday, August 14, 2017

To Modi ji with love

Dear Narendra Modi (PM) ji,
Hope you are good! I have stopped writing about anything that happens in our country because everything is justified nowadays. But reading the news of Gorakhpur and listening to the parents, brings mix emotions in me, from pain to sadness to anger. We need to set right priorities as a country, as a government and stop this propaganda based development. Focus on health and education, if you wish to improve lives of people, the return might not be immediate and it might happen that next government sees the benefit but we don't have a choice, someone needs to be honest. 
Health and education can't be improved like a crash course, to build the right foundation and strengthen the entire system, our government needs to let go of instant gratification and multiplying votes. Do that by talking about cows and army, Indians will vote you back in power but also focus on fundamental things. Your only contribution in education seems like in changing history syllabus, just to remind you that education has other subjects as well. I am yet to hear you talk about education as vociferously as you talk about "other" issues close to your heart. When I say "YOU/YOUR", I mean you and your party. 
Also, lets stop blaming the past governments, they were not good and thats why country chose you and now that you are here for 7 more years, set your agenda right. People will remember and vote you back in 2024 as well but do something. Stop the untouchability that you have created among political parties, see the model of health reform of Delhi Government. Arvind Kejriwal isn't that bad, he like you(loud), seems like a well intentioned man just that he has a minuscule online army compared to yours and he has been stupid to not have best friends like Adani and Ambani. Delhi is small in comparison to states like UP but I am sure there are ways to learn and implement good practices. All good practices doesn't necessarily need to come from Gujrat. Amit Shah ji is enough for the country to be replicated across the states. 
I was never in favour of hate-monger MYogiAdityanath as CM but I like your honesty and unlike other politicians you are clear that yes this is my agenda and I will stand by it. I got to know your favourite colour, which is fair, you have all the right to choose your colour. That day gave me clarity and I stopped giving any benefit of doubt that I might have given otherwise and thus stopped writing.
I have never been your big fan just like Atal ji (for those who have forgotten him, he was first BJP Prime Minister of India) wasn't but now that you are here, I respect you for the constitutional post that you hold which was once held by Nehru and Atal. I agree to disagree with you on certain things and that's the beauty of India that we have these rights still intact, but I have hoped (still hope) that you are someone who will make system work more efficiently atleast for common Indians. I keep reading, you work so hard, don't sleep much, it will be great if tomorrow from Red Fort, you share a little about what exactly are you working on, sort of a daily and weekly plan. I will be glad to know and I am sure million others would like to know, it will help us understand the priorities better. You should share that with us, as you are our Pradhan Sevak!

Sleep well tonight, tomorrow you will be live in front of camera, look good.

- Hopeful,
Prakhar Bhartiya
(an ordinary citizen in 2017!)