Friday, August 15, 2014

On this Independence Day !

Today as I write this reflecting on where we are after around 7 decades post independence, mixed feelings arise within me. I feel happy about so many achievements that we have had post independence, especially back in 1947 when the whole world was saying that India will break into small nations; we have brilliantly lived together as one nation. We are truly secular, democratic nation with so much of diversity. Our literacy rate has gone up drastically, we have an independent election commission and judiciary, we have achieved basic level of food security. There are numerous other things which we should be proud of today.

On the other hand I feel sad about the apathy that we have for our country. We as citizens don’t respect the freedom that we have got, the opportunity that this country has given us. I see India as one of the few countries where we preach about patriotism but don’t even act minutely according to it. I feel the country has given a lot to us but we for generations post independence have just taken from the country and not contributed back. We don’t understand our moral responsibility as the citizen. Citizenship is not a one way process and is not always transactional, it is a two way process. A nation will be in the best state when the citizens feel the interdependence with the nation.

You go to any railway station, bus stop, public toilet you will see that we least care about the condition of that place. Firstly we make sure that it is in the worst possible state and if not so then we don’t care to ask for a complaint register or make sure that we register our protest. We don’t want to engage with the institutions that are made for public interest, often the reason for not engaging is that what will happen by just one person protesting or complaining. I have often heard from my friends and family members,”What will happen by just you raising your voice. Nothing is going to change like this.” But I feel it makes a difference and the person thinks twice before doing the same thing next time.  

Today my only concern is that why don’t we follow the basic rules laid down by the constitution or before following, are we even aware of things happening around? Why don’t we confront people when something wrong is being done in front of our eyes ? Why don’t we make sure that we complete our work in best possible way and give our 100% effort ? Why are we OK with “Chalta-Hai” attitude?

We as citizens should think deeply on what culture we want to give to our coming generation and then see what changes we need to make in our daily habits. We need to be the role models who will spread the ripples of change. It is not always about doing big things, from my limited experience I feel, it is small but consistent efforts that make the difference.

Are we just going to be proud Indians or do something also?

Today, I pledge to be a more proactive citizen, follow rules more stringently, follow my duties in a better way and make sure to raise my voice if I see something wrong.   
Please share your pledge this Independence Day !

Happy Independence Day !

Prakhar Bhartiya