Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Inspired at InspirED.....!!!

"At Teach For India, we believe that we need a
movement of leaders to eliminate inequity in education. And InspirED -
by bringing together a wide network of educational innovators and
leaders from across sectors onto a common platform - is a ...unique and
crucial step towards building this movement. We are so much more likely transform education in this nation if we work together.”
-- Shaheen Mistry, CEO, Teach For India

These were the words of Shaheen on InspirED conference the first ever Educational Conference in India and I was lucky to be a part of it. It was an amazing experience, experience full of learning's, inspiration and empowerment. One of the speaker Mr. Craig (of American School of Mumbai) explained the concept of how inspiration without empowerment can be dangerous. So, it is important to inspire but more important is to empower with tools to achieve that aspiration.
There were innovative educators from all across the country, even some from abroad. We had discussions on innovative ways of educating kids, how can we make learning more fun for kids and also keep ourselves inspired. It was first time that over 300 educators from different NGOs, Govt, Principals, Teachers, movements came together to fight the inequity of education.

What happened a day after InspirED Conference:
When I went to school today I saw a great change in one of my teacher(Mr. Jitendra) classroom who has attended the workshop. The teacher grabbed my hand and took me to his class to show me the new "avatar" of his class. There were many posters on walls, class divided in teams, a poster saying "What pencil can do ? " , a chart with signature of all the kids.

I felt so InspirED by his enthusiastic voice. We sat down and had a chat on how should we empower our other teachers. Now he will prepare a document of all the workshops he has attended and share his experience with all the teachers.

This was the result of InspirEd. Thank You "InspirEd"

"Service before Self"