Sunday, August 5, 2012

A small tribute: "Happy Friendship Day"

Friendship is a very strange word. It has different meaning for everyone. For me friendship is a very strong bond, a connection from heart to heart, a relation to rely on, a relation where emotions can be shared by emotions. Friendship has no age bar, you can find a friend in your 70 year old Dada ji or 5 year old nephew. Some people have many friend but they still struggle to have that one person with whom they can pour out their heart and on the other side some have one and the best ever.

Coincidentally my work exposes me to hundreds of young people and I get a lot of opportunity to come across this relation and also witness friends working together, young people have often come up to me sharing their individual personal stories of friendship. Sometimes we take our friend for-granted but then this is what friendship is.

I really feel myself fortunate to have some amazing buddies from home to school to college to TFI to YA Team. Today I take this opportunity to thank all my friends for supporting me in my small journey of life. It is you who has made me what I am, it is you who has supported me in every walk of my life, it is you who has taken up the pain to hear my endless, meaningless talks. It would have been impossible for me to do the small things I am trying to do without the support of you all. You all gave me the confidence that what I dream is possible, you all stood by myside that yes go ahead we are with you, you all have helped me take tough decisions of my life.

Thank you all for being with me, understanding me, loving me so much, supporting me, believing in me and of course bearing my endless talks : )

Love you ALL : )

- Yours

Friday, August 3, 2012

Team Anna: The Political Alternative and its Consequences

Finally the fasting will end on tenth day and with this begins the time for preparation of "General Election 2014". If everything goes as what is shown to common man 2014 will be different but what we often see is not the true picture.It is true that people like Arvind Kejriwal should be part of system and try to bring the change from within. But the big question is, "How will they go about it?"

  • Floating a New political party
  • Going with Baba Ramdev's Party
  • Supporting existing political party
  • Starting Small with few people from their team contesting 2014
If they feel that they can launch a new political party and contest from all the seats and win, then this would be over estimating your potential. The better alternative would be selecting few corruption free people (better would be the team people) and lobbying for them in elections. Would like to bring in picture, the by-elections of Haryana last year where Team Anna supported few candidates and all those lost badly. 

If they go by supporting Baba's political party and contesting from all the seats then coming to majority would be a dream but yes they might get few seats like Haridwar. Baba has always been a questionable figure and everyone has seen the rift in the team when he became part of it. This seems to be a tough alternative but if it comes into force the loss would be more of BJP than congress because of its common vote bank with that of Baba's.

Supporting another political party takes them close to BJP but still the picture is not very clear because BJP is also full of corrupt politicians but for sure less sycophants and sometimes sycophants are more harmful than corrupt people. One thing is very clear whatever they do BJP would be at larger loss than Congress because due to anti-incumbency the votes were to swing BJP's side and with an emerging Anna options votes would be divided. It will be hard for Anna to win but it will become harder for BJP and this will surely help Congress  to take dividend from this vote division and it might emerge as UPA-3 with lesser vote percentage than what they have got in UPA 2. For sure if Congress has done the damage to the country, BJP has done larger by not being a worthy opposition and the choice country has been looking for.

It seems a tough battle in front of Team Anna, on which way to go. Politics has always been a tough game in our country. All the things have to be kept in mind because these are the things that make Nation, one decision by a man in power can change the course for future generations.

Jai Hind !!

Where did Team Anna miss this summer ?

Last year when this agitation against corruption started it started with a great support, August 2011 was a big success for not only Team Anna but entire country. Country saw a hope in the movement, all were in support, be it common man, youth or media.

But over the last one year Team Anna has lost its credibility be it because of internal fighting; Anna's statements; their alliances; their disrespect to others; their abusive language and the biggest damage was made due to their fights with media. Anna ji has come out to be a mixed of both Gandhian and Bhagatian, he embraces both non-violence and violence depending on situation.  All these things damaged the credibility and the result was low turn out in Jantar Mantar this year. Last year more than Anna's movement it was media's movement, this year media was out and so was common man.

They keep using Gandhi's name from the stage but they forget that Gandhi was never against individuals he was against system. He always maintained that if Indians can he happy and get equal rights under Britishers rule than he is fine with British ruling here. In this movement they maintained this but they started abusing individuals and more than changing the system it looked as if they wanted to shift individuals. The approach became that if you are with me then you are on right side because all other are the wrong sides. Their way has become more of dictatorial the reason can be the over-whelming support they got last year and they forgot it was due to many more reasons and not just because of the people sitting on stage.