Sunday, December 8, 2013

What will Delhi Election results unfold for us ?

No matter what the results are for today, AAP has already made a huge contribution to the politics around us. It has forced a national party to change its CM candidate (Harsh Vardhan), it has changed the writings on the hoardings of all parties, it has redefined mobilizing methods during election and most importantly it has given us hope, that, yes change is possible.

During my numerous conversations with Auto Drivers, ATM Guards, I have sensed the belief that they have in AAP. The vote bank which was mostly swayed away with dirty caste, money and liquor politics has come together.

Today for me the most important thing is the vote share of AAP. I dont care if they win 10 seats or 36, what is important is how many people went out to support them. The vote share will give an insight to whether we are ready for change or not. If a significant number of people support them, then it will be clear that people are fed up of corrupt political practices and they are ready to embrace change and support someone who is honest. A large percentage of vote share will encourage not only AAP but many other people to come in politics who feel that it is not a place for honest people. It will also push other political parties to bring in honest blood and use new ways of reaching out to people.

I just want to remind one thing to all my friends that Arvind Kejriwal is not God. He also has his own limitations and has done (will do) his share of mistakes but his intent seems genuine and there is no doubt about his honesty and integrity. AAP's decision to stop taking funds after they reached 20 Crore limit was just amazing. No other political party has ever done this before. I have seen very few individuals who refuse to earn beyond a point.

I don't see them making government although I am ready to see this miracle happen. It might be a hung assembly where no one wants to support each other. If by any chance AAP makes a move to seek or get support from BJP or Congress then that would be their last mistake.

Hope for the best lets see how it unfolds. These results are going to be the landmark for years to come and will  redefine how the upcoming General Election would be contested. 

All the best to the polity of India :)