Saturday, February 7, 2015

Why BJP losing Delhi is in National Interest?

Last year when general elections were about to happen and Modi wave was clearly riding over the country, the big worry for me was who will stop the communal people from RSS, VHP, BJP etc. once Modi becomes PM. I was sure that it would be beyond his control to stop the people who would use his name to spread communalism in the country. The best was that he did not speak once during his entire campaign last year about communalism but promised development(I have some questions on his development model as well) and promoted that agenda. He had a very positive narrative to share with the country and he tried to move away from his 2002 riot image.

Today after around 9 months of Modi government, the entire country has seen surge in communal forces trying to run campaigns like "Gharwapsi", love jihad, vandalizing churches in Delhi. We have seen Praveen Togadia spreading hatred, BJP MP's supporting such things and adding fuel. The worst is that our PM Modi did not come out to speak(read tweet) once about anything. He has been tweeting for everything, he tweeted for Charlie Hebdo the very same evening but we are yet to hear from him about one statement against such thing.

Next disastrous thing for me is accepting a person like Amit Shah and media channels heaping praise on him. SIT might have given him clean chit but we have a history of how CBI and SIT have been misused in this country. Same Amit Shah was stopped by court to enter Gujrat for two years when Modi was CM. It was Shah who was the incharge of UP elections in 2014 and his chosen MPs have been fueling hatred in the country. 

Modi observes all this and never utters a word, in a way he silently agrees and promotes what is happening. We as a country have to decide what we want, if we want development then on the cost of what? I would not like my generations to live in posh concrete colonies with hatred for each other.

It is important to stop the hegemony of Modi brand politics and teach a lesson to people like Amit Shah who breed in the idea of communalism. Arvind Kejriwal and his party AAP has been able to challenge him and we have seen how challenged Modi and his team have felt over last few weeks. They have resorted to all sorts of means to stop the Aam Admi but this time it seems it will be impossible for them.

These are defining moment in a democracy, these moments make history, these moments strengthen our belief in the rights of people.


Nikhil said...

While what you've shared is important no doubt, I think there's a larger interest than the putting-off-communal-forces one. I think those are a decoy / bahanaa, riding on whose backs something much bigger : a global corporate takeover : is happening to India. For a peek at this monster, look at the recent slew of Ordinances, particularly the Land Acquisition one which has practically taken India back to British Raj days. Local nonviolent faith based collectives are as important here as secular forces; there is immense good in all religions as even Gandhi had pointed out, and it does us all a great disservice to throw the baby out with the bathwater by painting them also with the same brush we use for the rednecks of our culture. Exemplified by the combination of Medha Patkar and Meera Sanyal, we're going to have to cut through our traditional stereotypes and see the good in decentralized components of both left and right; both religion and economy.

Becoming Just Life said...

I agree with you bhaiya. But why is that our eyes open only when conversion etc is done by RSS , vhp .while there are lakhs of conversion going in remotes area of India since hundreds of years into Christianity , islams. I know retaliation can never be a answer . but we need to raise this issue of conversion , communal violence which is done by other community in much higher number. Why dont we raise voice against them also , why such hypocrisy .
We know bharat has been one of the most tolerant and oldest civilasion . don't we have a responsibility to keep our national values as well otherwise people in west will make yoga /meditation also of their own which has already been started.
Of course we need corruption free government but don't you think we also need the pride of being Indian which can come only when we accept our history and culture. Our history is not last 200 years but 10000 years.
People from west our coming to India to find happiness, spiritual experience but we are turning west.
So don't we need a party which includes this also in part of its agenda.
I just wanted your opinions bhaiya, I might be wrong as well.