Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Three Stories. One Hope. #5SaalKejriwal

The best way to understand the mood of public is to be with them, observe and talk to them. Election being the most buzzing topic around, I have been talking to people about it and responses this time are more consistent. I would like to share few stories that truly moved me and gave me hope.

I got a call today from the village which hosts Youth Alliance for Gramya Manthan. It is a village 80 km away from Kanpur with no electricity polls. It was 8:30am and 25 year old Pankaj from other side says,"Bhaiya do something to mobilize people for Arvind Kejriwal, if you want I can come to Delhi for campaigning. This time we need to make sure that he should win. You work with so many youngsters take everyone for campaigning." I was speechless about his excitement and the way he is hoping that something will change.

Second story is of a rickshaw puller. It was 10pm at night and I was standing near Jangpura crossing and talking to various rickshaw pullers with my vicks candy, that I usually keep with me in winters and offer to people I meet on road. I asked one of them, "Bhaiya kisko vote doge?" (Brother, whom will you vote?) He replied,"I am from West Bengal and vote Congress but if Kejriwal would go to Bengal I will surely vote him." I smiled and went ahead.

Third story is that of an auto-rickshaw driver. He has been driving auto rickshaw for many years. We started talking about socio-political situation of Delhi and then I asked which party are you going to vote and why. He replied, "Bhaiya, is baar to jhaadu chalegi. Meri auto mein jo log baithte hain unme 10 mein se 7 log jhaadu ko vote de rhe hain." ( Brother, this time broom(Aam Admi Party), 7 out of 10 people who sit in my auto are going to vote them.) He then narrates how he was free from police troubles during those 49 days. Auto rickshaw drivers have been rallying behind AAP since its inception and they are quite vocal about their support.

These are just three stories from bouquet of stories I have come across over last one month. I see a lot of hope in people specially those who come from economically weaker section. I am looking forward to see the change and witness it, just hoping that this time an honest politician remains honest with time.

Like happiness is contagious, so is hope!