Tuesday, February 28, 2012

U.P Hungry for Change !

U.P. has always been the hotspot of politics in our country. The party that governs UP has remained largely at Centre with ease. But since last two decade we have witnessed a change in this and the result has been coalition governments at centre. BSP and SP emerging to be the largest in last two decade have played a big role in formation of government at centre. The counter effect to this is that both Congress and BJP are forced to form coalition government. BJP came to power only after sweeping in UP election and the day since it lost its hold in UP, it has been struggling to form a government at centre.

Both BSP and SP had been playing politics of caste, liquor and goons. BSP playing the cards of lower caste (dalit) vote bank and SP getting the privilege of backwards and Muslims votes have dominated in UP in last few elections. Rewinding five years and going back to 2007 elections Mayawati came up with a magical formula of Dalit-Brahmin coalition, she made S. C. Mishra party secretary and a new slogan was coined “Brahmin Shankh Bajayega, Hathi Badhta Jayega”. She gained huge advantage and came to power but the upper caste voter has alienated BSP and once fooled in 2007 is now looking for options in Congress and BJP.

Congress which has been under pressure due to alleged role of its leaders in high level corruption and the Jan- Lokpal movement is waiting for its Yuvraj Rahul Gandhi to do the magic in 2012 election. BJP on the other hand has been a party largely without focus, without leadership (but many leaders) and with an anti- Congress agenda rather than an agenda of developmental politics. One more thing which has always been against BJP is their communal image and their Hindutva agenda. In UP Muslims don’t turn out to vote for BSP, SP or Congress but they vote the party that can win against the BJP candidate. Jan- Lokpal movement was a lifetime opportunity for BJP to mend its basics and emerge as a strong alternative in front of people but they have lost this opportunity badly.

The recent voter turn-out in UP election clearly shows a huge increase in percentage voting in comparison to 2007 election. This can be majorly due to two reasons, firstly the increase in awareness among voters and secondly they are fed up of current government or system.  We can’t deny both because we have witnessed huge public movements (protests) against the system not only in India but also in different part of world in last one year.

Hopefully we will elect a better government in UP and it will follow the pursuit of development as seen in Bihar and few other states of our country. March 6 will also decide the trend for 2014 general elections in our country.

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pranjal kashyap tripathi said...

dear prakhar,
its great to c how perfectly u have depicted the current political scenario in uttar pradesh.but it feels bad that mass is still voting on the basis of cast,religion,party etc keeping aside the development and the agendas.BSP and SP are two sides of one coin.division of mass on teh basis of religion and castesism has been there main weapon to influence people.congress on its shameful tenure of regime is promising big changes which raises the eyebrows of a common man and bjp with 55 names as nominees of chiefminister emerges as a sinking ship.the raising poll this time is the positive sign but at the sametime i am keeping my fingers crossed as i can smell an alliance between sp and congress or bsp and bjp and its sad to say once again it will take our uttarpradesh a decade back!the worst part in politics of uttarpradesh is dat v dont have an option like nitish kumar,mamta banerjee,narendra modi.the voter in U.P has to revolve around these 4 mere options which lead to adversity,crime,scams,robbery,rapes,riots...i wish in coming time we witness a revolutionary leader who can bring the change the,people are desperate to c.as the people badly want a change but are restricted by the options to vote!!!