Monday, May 23, 2011

"Logo Says it All"

The Logo Says it all:

1. The chakra - This reflects the continuity of process and color blue is for process with peace.

2. Two people icon (attached and flying):
- even though they hold differences (two different colors) they are "face to face".
- the different colored icons shows people with differences - their idea of change may differ but the motive is same.
- the flying posture is reflecting their spirit - their flying to no limits.

3. The colors of logo refer to Secularism

4. Alphabet in small-form are symbolising no-dominance.

This beautiful, lively logo is designed by Naveen bhaiya and we team Youth Alliance is really thankful to him for his contribution for us not just for this but for assistance since last four years from the days when we started the "Power Saving Campaign" in college times.

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