Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Women's Day

Our nation is really full of diversities mixed with orthodox cultures.....at one end we worship so called goddess "Durga/Kali" and at the other end nearly everyday a women is raped in Delhi or physically assaulted in each and every corner of our country..... ...at one end both our President and (actual) Prime Minister are women but literacy rate for women is 54.5%.......and then we celebrate womens day....!!!

I would rather say "All the Best" to all the females of this so called shining and self obsessed, male dominated proud nation....to be prepared and empower themselves in each and every field of life because you have the capability to be ahead of every other species.....!!!

And then one day together we will say "Happy Women Day"...."ALL THE BEST"...!!!

- प्रखर भारतीय 

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