Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tests of Life...Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation !

Some exams are written, some oral but then there are few exams which are known as "Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation". For many working in education field CCE has a particular meaning and many have been lobbying for it since decades. And now when comes under RTE, it has to be implemented in schools.

Here I am not talking about CCE in classroom but I am talking about CCE in our daily life. The tests of life  are so hard and difficult to crack. They always come as a surprise and like the open book exam that happen in colleges, they always come with an OPEN BOOK ! You know the answers but it is hard to accept/follow them.

Self evaluation is such a difficult exercise. But if you pass this test, then for me all other tests are a waste. Life always brings you to a crossroad where all the roads seem to be correct and then you have to decide the best one. I also face this dilemma every now and then and sometimes it becomes a very hard choice. 

Life is not easy and it is harder is you have a non-negotiable value system ! You often end up with hurting/ annoying a few but then you can't please everyone and you are not here to do that. People understand, it takes time but they do. One thing that I have understood lately is that you can't compromise with your principles. You need to stick to them. There should be few non-negotiable things in life, like for me integrity, trust and taking responsibility are a few. I have been trying to be non-judgmental also but sometimes I fail to do so and knowing that I have failed to do so helps me in improving on it everyday.

Gandhi ji is the best person I can think of when it comes to a person with non-negotiable value system. He has been a constant source of inspiration for me and every time I fail in life's CCE I think of him and visualize him in my situation and then come up with the right answer. 

To end with I would say, all answers to complex questions of life are within us. 

Bura Jo Dekhan Main Chala, Bura Naa Milya Koi.
Jo Mann Khoja Apnaa, To Mujhse Bura Naa Koi ! - Kabir

Look within ! Sanka Mangal ho :)

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