Friday, April 20, 2012

Life and Why ?

Life is so uncertain, so unpredictable. Sometimes I really feel myself sitting on a small couch and I am sinking in it, deep inside it. The huge gap in what is going inside my heart saddens me. Once side is the my work at Youth alliance which is reaching reaching new heights everyday, new people are acknowledging it, new initiatives are being planned. 

But somewhere  there is something hanging around in between, an unsolved puzzle. A deep threat of losing someone special, someone so close, so dear. Why is human heart so weak and that too of a person who claims to be at peace or atleast with a tough heart. Why do such situations arise when one feels helpless ? Why do such dilemmas come up when the choice is so hard ? One side you will be called selfish and at other side you can lose stability. What is more important the long term gain or the short term pain ? 

When you preach to someone it is easy to say follow your heart and yes it is true for work but then why is it so tough when it comes to things beyond business. Life is a long race and everyone has the capacity to win it but why at times man is unable to look long term. And that too a person who has a big vision for his life, who has well planned decade ahead.

Why are some choices so strong so difficult ? Why at times "Self" comes first and the other part loses significance ? Why at tines we are ready to compromise on big issues ? 

When will this end, when will I be with me !


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