Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Letters to My Friends 3

Dear Friends,
                       How are you all ? I am enjoying here and learning a new lesson each day. Each day brings a new message, full of life, it gives a new way to see through opaque sides of life. Day by day I am getting younger , more patient, more creative, more responsible, more hard working, more ….. . Its great to be with 51 odd kids who don’t know what the life is outside their slums, they have heard about pizza’s, burger etc. , but don’t know its shape. Some times my heart cries when they come to class with a mark of wound on their face, when they tell about their family (one kid told me that his father is living with other women and has left his mother and him behind to live in rags, other says, my father comes home drunk and beat my mother and me), such instances can shake anyone that a kid of 9- 10 years has to face all these things at his house, girls have to prepare food for all the family member.
                     I would request all my readers to come forward and look around may be a child needs your helping hand to stand on his feet to see the different colors of life. Its never late in life, like popular hindi saying, “Jab jagoo tabhi savera.”  It never costs you something rather in return you will get a thing which you can never buy-- INNER SATISFACTION.
                     Life is a long race and we have the capacity to win it. I would like to quote a conversation of one of my fellows and a kid:
Fellow- Why did you come late for school?
Kid- Bahiya, the auto had a puncture and we had to stop to get the puncture repaired.
Fellow- You should have been put in another auto. Tomorrow I am going to scold your autowala.
Kid- Bhaiya, the autowala is my father.

Think about our roles in society, what difference can we make……                     
I have attached a letter that is one of the best gift for me....!!!


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