Saturday, August 26, 2017

Problem is much deeper

It was a political surrender by government. - High Court
It's rare that the court directly blames the sitting government for inciting violence. We as citizens need to understand the choices that we have made and the beauty of democracy is that we can correct our choices within a time frame. Our government hasn't been able to handle masses reaction in the best possible ways. They have failed from JNU to Kashmir to Jat agitation to now Ram Rahim. 
Their choice of action has differed from case to case basis, in some cases entire state machinery was used to crush the dissent. Labels of nationalist and anti-nationalist were pasted on every tongue that moved. We all know the brutality to propaganda that was done to create an atmosphere of support terming both JNU and Kashmir agitation as anti-national.
Story from past
Years back there was a PM named as Atal ji, who asked the CM of a state to resign and take responsibility of mass carnage that happened but alas the parent organization did not allow it to happen because the vote bank would be hampered. Years later that man became Hindu Hridaya Samrat and eventually Prime Minister of one of the greatest gullible democracy on earth.
The problem often in these cases is not whether NM will go out and slaughter people. The challenge is that when they supported such things in past, they created supporters of similar thought process. Now, even if you have tried to undo your image and become holier than thou, you have made an individual choice. People like you because of what they saw in you and became your supporter. Now you have transformed your imagine without publicly accepting that, "I believed in killing people, now I have changed, atleast on the face of it."
The acceptance of crime done irrespective of the fact that it's consciously or unconsciously done becomes the first step to truly change yourself. And in this case that's completely missing. Now, your supporters will do what they revered in you and you will never be able to stop them, unless you accept your sins, go through the punishment and truly cleanse yourself and make a new base. There are examples in history where in people have accepted their faults and went on to become great leaders.
These things were meant to happen in a political system of our country where politician do anything to make sure they win. NM is just an example of one type of politics. Congress will remain a dysfunctional party until they accept they are family run party, then give that up, get new leadership and find new direction. Mostly all parties have a core DNA and they follow it, if they really want to change them, they need to accept their flaws, face the consequence and start fresh.
India is what it deserves and India will be what its people deserve!