Saturday, June 16, 2012

Debut in Test Matches...Gramya Manthan !!

With so much T20 around people have forgotten the real cricket i.e. Test Matches. The long five day matches in which the winner is one who has patience, perseverance and right attitude and technique. Nevertheless it is becoming our life reality, we are also trying to play T20 to have quick success and earn good money.

Coming to our life, if we think back it has also become a T20, we are running in order to earn good money. The definition of success has changed drastically, ethics and values have taken back seat. I personally feel frustrated seeing the conditions around me, I feel morally responsible for it. Its hard to maintain your value system and follow your ideals but I have been trying to do this since last few years.

As in the Test Match there are very few spectators while the T20 stadium is full of people. Similarly there are very few people ready to work for society and even fewer who want to work in rural India. Rural India has always been the neglected one but it has been at the core of my heart.

Its been nearly two months planning for Youth Alliance's next project "Gramya Manthan" and the final day when all the "Changeagents" will come together has come. Exploring villages, meeting people, knowing there problems, thinking of solutions, talking to role-models its been a pleasant, touching and a very emotional experience for me.  I have learned so much about the villages and the life there in past 15 days, this was first time when feasible solutions came to mind.

I would surely work with my full heart and witness some changes in the villages. Its a 5 year project and there are good chances to show a significant impact here. I am poised, so is the team and participants, the responsibility is huge and we will not leave any stone un-turned.

At the end of the day my patience, perseverance and right attitude will define whether I am a Test player or a T20.