Monday, July 26, 2010

What people need...???

There are election in few states within an year or so and political parties have started their melodrama of wooing the voters. I don't know when will they start campaigning on the basis of developmental issues. One party fights the election on the issues related to the drawbacks of the other.

Few days back I saw the news that Mulayam Singh Yadav was apologizing to the Muslims on the issue that he has taken the services of Kalyan Singh in the last election. Mulayam's trick to take Kalyan in his party just before the election was in order to get the support of O.B.C.'s in U.P. but he failed because Kalyan Singh was the C.M. during the Babri demolition in 1992 and so the Muslim who supported S.P. , left S.P. and went with Congress. So, now he is preparing ground for Assembly election in 2012 and hence apologizing to Muslims.

 Similarly there was as such no big issue in Bihar for opposition (LJP & RJD). So, they took the issue from the CAG report that showed financial irregularities. But they ignored the fact that the time period in which these financial fraud took place has the major portion of time when Rabri was C.M. The MLA's of LJP & RJD disrupted the proceedings of the house and  vandalized it, which resulted in great drama.

Where is Raj Thackerey nowadays ? People like R.T. come into picture only during the elections. They pick up a radical issue, which is well thought and have sentiments of public attached to that issue. They remain in news for 3 - 4 months of election and then hide themselves in woods. He fought his election on the Marathi Manoos issue, got support of emotional public. It doesn't matter to people like him whether the sentiments of crores of other will get hurt or not because they are not the part of the voter list which is important to him. And if in future he wants to fight the election from North India, he will apologize to the people of North India and play his card there because voter's forget everything very soon.

There are numerous such incidents in Indian politics where political parties want to gain from short comings of the other parties rather than thinking of what people need. In Indian politics it is a very rare occasion when one political party praises the other. Be it Congress or BJP or NCP or any other regional party all are waiting for a issue.

My question for the politicians is that when will they start the politics of development and behave like an effective opposition ?

 - Bhartiya