Sunday, December 30, 2012

You Can “Lead The Change” ! Apply Now

Youth Alliance’s initiative “Lead The Change- Igniting Hearts” is accepting application for its February 2013 program. Youth Alliance is an organization working with a vision to “Connect EACH Youth With a Cause”. YA believes in the philosophy of sensitizing young people towards the society by showing them the real picture and connecting them to ground reality.YA also has a range of programmes like “Gramya Manthan”, ”Come Alive” meant to create awareness as well as bring change in society.
Now, Lead The Change is in a new flavor, with 4 days of residential program and focus toward ENTREPRENEURSHIP !! Past two, LTC  Programs have so far nurtured 5 enterprises.
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Lead The Change (LTC) is dedicated to developing social leaders; well-rounded youngsters who are equipped with leadership skills to solve the challenges faced by their communities. Its core aim is to ignite young hearts with holistic concern for their society and nation.
LTC  Program will involve upto 40 youngsters in a six week  program. The program will expose them to pressing issues of our societies such as women empowerment, human dignity, education, environment, policy making and rural immersion. They will study solutions offered by role models, personalities and get a short experience in leadership education. They will be expected to apply this experience to come up with solution for a small local issue and in the process, understand how to set up an enterprise. They will emerge with the wealth of a rich network and a sound understanding of systemic social change. 
Leaders like Anshu Gupta (Goonj), Ravi Gulati (Manzil), Vivek Sharma(Gandhi Fellowship), Shaheen Mistry (Teach For India), Neeraj Agarwal (NIIT Yuva Jyoti), Rishikant (Shakti Vahini), Deep Joshi (PRADAN, NAC), Parth J. Shah (CCS) and few more have been part of Lead The Change programs which took place in March-April and September- October 2012.
You can also find in detail about the application procedure
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P.S.:  Lead The Change is for youngsters in and around Delhi. Please help us in reaching out to more amazing people. Share with your like minded friends.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Maitri Meet :) & Crossroad !

Dear Changeagents,

What a wonderful morning it was yesterday ! The day started with chilly waves and before that there was a light shower at night. But I was sure that the brave changeagents would surely defy the cold wave and be at Lodhi Garden ! And truly they were there. We started with around 16 people and our very own Ravi Bhaiya and by 2pm we had seen around 20 Changeagents !

It went good with an amazing start from Ravi Bhaiya and then series of sharing from all present there. It felt so good to see how everyone shared there heart out there. The best thing that came out was everyone has witnessed change in their mindset and many of us have translated that in action. There were many of us who are at the stage of deciding on what to do and how to decide among your love/passion and parents/societal pressure. Just to add my view here I would say, follow your heart, rest will fall in place. The one who are close to you and love you will understand your love and witness the spark of your happiness and the ones who dont matter and criticize just for the sake of it, will be with you when they will see the impact of what you are doing. Just one thing should be in mind that you have to take both the types of people together in future.

Ravi Bhaiya, shared some thing really amazing. He said that pain is not always bad, it is good also. Sometimes it is important to undergo the process of suffering to understand the real thing. So, we should not feel guilty that I should not give pain to my loved ones. If you feel that what you are doing is right and you really love it go for it. Many of our members are in their third year and are on this crossroads of deciding what is good and what to chose. Please share with us here about your dilemma and we might come up with a solution. 

I was also at the same cross road, at your age but I chose to follow my heart. I am thankful that I chose my passion, over family/societal pressure. It was my passion that has connected me with you all and many other amazing people.  Today nearly four years after when I made that decision, I can say that I am happy, enjoying my life and satisfied but also hungry to do more learn more. It has not been very easy but at the end it was my choice and now my family, friends everyone support me. 

I think it will be good for others who have crossed this road to share their thoughts and experience here, so that everyone can get benefited !

Thank you for coming to spread the Maitri :) Looking forward to hear more stories/ dilemmas  !!

- Love
Prakhar Bhartiya